Projects that ROC!

We develop and support projects that add to the energy and vibrancy of Downtown Rochester. Here are a few of them:

“Inchvesting" in ROC
Can’t live a second life as a millionaire real estate investor? No worries. Now you can become an “Inchvestor", and help Downtown Rochester thrive one square inch at a time. Modeled after a similar initiative in Detroit, the “Inchvesting" in ROC program allows you to take part in the revitalization of Downtown Rochester by micro-investing in specific projects that add vitality to the center city. It’s a unique take on crowdfunding that is making a real difference.

B.R.I.T.E. (Brighten Rochester In The Evening)
If you’ve visited or driven through downtown at night anytime in the last year, you most certainly have noticed the changing visual landscape created by the addition of LED light features to many of downtown’s most prominent buildings. This list includes Xerox Square, Legacy Tower, The Metropolitan, the Times Square Building, the Central Library, and the Powers Building. Most dramatically, Tower 280 (formerly Midtown Tower) features a bright rim of changing colors tracing it’s various horizontal rooflines. Add to this the bright new Five Star Bank signage on all four sides of the former HSBC/Marine Midland building, and the look of the city in the evening has been dramatically altered. This is an exciting development, as it adds a sense of life and energy to downtown—even after hours.

B.R.I.T.E. is an initiative to continue the creative and strategic use of light to both literally and figuratively brighten the center city. By injecting life and vibrancy to the heart of the city, residents of our community will see downtown as a centerpiece of activity, while increasing the sense of safety and excitement. Stay tuned more information.

"Rochester… The Greatest City You’ve NEVER Seen" Campaign
As so eloquently stated on the blog, "Rochester is a girl who doesn’t know she’s hot." Perhaps this is because of our lack of identity on the national stage—after all, we’re the largest U.S. Metro area without either a major league sports team or a big-time Division I college sports program (no offense R.I.T. Hockey). However, as all true Rochesterians know, what we lack in national identity we more than make up for in culture, recreation, and pure geographic beauty. Together, this menagerie of big city amenities mixed with small town charm results in an unmatched quality of life. Downtown ROCs! is proud to be spearheading a campaign to bring Rochester to the forefront nationally. It’s called “Rochester… The Greatest City You’ve NEVER Seen". It’s a project that will put Rochester on the map, resulting in increased tourism and business investment in our region—most specifically in Downtown Rochester, where it can do the most good for the overall community and region.

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If you would like to participate in a Downtown ROCs! project, please connect with us today!