Projects that ROC

Downtown ROCs! develops and supports projects that add to the vibrancy and beauty of downtown Rochester. We call these grassroots initiatives “Projects that ROC", because they harness the power of tactical urbanism to make incremental, yet impactful, improvements to our downtown core.

Together, these strategic improvements add up to real change. Real progress. Real vitality and energy and life and community. A sense of place, a sense of purpose... a sense of prosperity.

We invite you to participate in one of the following Downtown ROCs! projects by contributing your time, talents or treasure. Interested? give us a shout!

Schiller Park Revitalization Project (ongoing)
This small park in the northeast corner of downtown Rochester has been neglected for over 50 years. Once a prominent city landmark, Schiller Park was sliced through by the construction of the Inner Loop, and has been all but forgotten. Now, with the help of Downtown ROCs! and dozens of local volunteers, we are bringing Schiller Park back to life!

“Creeping Beauty" Project (ongoing)
Cities often suffer from a phenomenon known as “creeping blight", which is the gradual and invasive deterioration of streets and neighborhoods due to neglect and apathy. From vacant lots to empty storefronts, litter strewn streets to weed-infested sidewalks, blight feeds on blight—smothering hope and suffocating opportunity. But this effect works both ways. Downtown ROCs! is flipping the script on creeping blight by injecting downtown Rochester with not-so-random acts of “Creeping Beauty".

Downtown Pop-Up Project (coming soon)
Active and diverse street-level retail is a critical piece of any vibrant city center. In an Amazon world, however, it is challenging to profitably operate a traditional brick-and-mortar storefront. This is a challenge many downtowns are facing, as large anchor tenants fade, and local mom-and-pops struggle to survive. The retail landscape is changing dramatically, and Downtown ROCs! believes the future is micro-retail and pop-up shops, concepts that minimize risk by reducing costs and lowering the logistical barriers. The "Downtown Pop-Up Project" will match prospective merchants with available retail inventory in a way that uniquely benefits both parties—while simultaneously activating the streetscape in downtown Rochester.

“Inchvesting in ROC" (in development)
Can’t live a second life as a millionaire real estate investor? No worries. Soon you can become an “Inchvestor", and help downtown Rochester thrive—one square inch at a time. Modeled after a similar initiative in Detroit, the “Inchvesting in ROC" program allows you to take part in the revitalization of the center city by micro-investing in projects that add vitality to downtown. It’s a unique take on crowdfunding that will make a measurable impact.

If you would like to participate in a Downtown ROCs! project, please connect with us today!