Partner with Us

It might sound cliched, but Downtown ROCs! is all about creating WIN-WIN relationships.

This means creating value for everyone involved in helping us accomplish our mission.

For example, we provide "micro-landscaping" services to businesses that help beautify their location, while providing growth opportunities for our ROCstars™. These (usually) one-day projects have an immediate impact on the appearance of your property, enhancing the image you present to your employees and customers.

Like we said… WIN-WIN!

Another way we partner with local businesses and property owners is by providing exterior maintenance services, such as daily litter removal, weed control, spot painting, window-washing and more. Stop worrying about upkeep and let us be your outsourced solution.

We have found a unique niche offering these these types of micro services, since they are typically too small (or expensive) to contract from traditional landscaping or maintenance providers.

If you would like to partner with us to add beauty and value to your business or property, please call or text us at 585-370-5919 or email us at [email protected]. You’ll be amazed at what our ROCstars can do to enhance your little corner of downtown!

You can also partner with us through one of our opportunities or sponsorships. There you’ll discover even more ways to receive true value while supporting our vision for "Life on every street. Beauty in every space."

Thank You to our Partners & Sponsors
Tompkins Realty • Creative Plastics • The Harro East • Abilene • Landmark Society of Western NY • 5LINX • Burgess & Miraglia

If you would like to participate in a Downtown ROCs! project, please connect with us today! You can also help support our mission with a 100% tax-deductible donation. Thank you for your support!!

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