A Call for Handicraft Volunteers to Give Schiller Park a Colorful Makeover

We all yearn for summer in the city.

The greenery. The heat. The flowers. The long days.

...And the yarn.

That's right. Lots and lots of vibrant yarn. In a park.

While summer may be pretty, a certain historic park in the heart of downtown Rochester could benefit from some "yarnification" in order to beautify its environs.

Such is the case at Schiller Park, which features a pile-up of construction equipment on one side of the park's periphery, and a vehicular view of the Inner Loop on another side. It's all brought together by feet upon feet of chain-link fencing.

In other words, it's not so pretty. But it has terrific potential. (Check out this earlier post)

What if that metal fencing could become a canvas for urban art, instead of evidence of "urban renewal?" That's the plan; to create a colorful tapestry where people will want to linger and enjoy reflective moments at the park. And here's where we call for all yarn enthusiasts—including knitters and crocheters—to help bring colorful vibrancy to Schiller Park. The plan is to create 14 yarn panels, each measuring 36 inches high by 118 inches long, to cover the chain link fencing and create a park with pizzazz. We also seek volunteers to craft pom-poms and knit/crochet flowers.

Additionally, for those who like to embroider or quilt, we call for the creation of small textiles, measuring no more than 10 inches by 10 inches (or any dimensions less than that), which answer the question, "What is your Ode to Joy?"

Why that question? Because Schiller Park honors Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805) who wrote the poem that Beethoven made famous with the eponymous movement no. 9.

The park rejuvenation project is spearheaded by Mike Gilbert, founder of Downtown ROCs!. I'm the yarn yenta organizing the fibrous makeover.

All skeins of yarn will be provided at no cost to our yarn volunteers, thanks to corporate sponsorship from local company 5LINX.

So how can you get involved? Please reach out by May 10 via Twitter @crochetactivism or via old-fashioned email.

Looking forward to getting crafty together!

By Hinda Mandell - April 20, 2018

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